The 2014 FIFA world Cup is a landmark event for fans, fans and fans of this game. Advertising companies do not invent anything during the FIFA world Cup. Various football paraphernalia, themed billboards at every step, a lot of Souvenirs for every taste, countless TV broadcasts dedicated to this event, and even movies. All this is very cool, creates a festive atmosphere and encourages the spirit of competition. But who of the football fans did not dream to visit the stands and take part in the world Cup? This is the cherished dream of every dedicated football fan. However, not everyone can afford to fulfill this dream. Therefore, we faced the task of creating a game that will allow fans to plunge into the atmosphere of the FIFA world Cup entirely. The game should become a virtual analog of the 2014 world Cup and allow everyone to touch this important event, even through the screen of their smartphone.


In this game you get a chance to play on your own for one of the best teams on the planet! Of course, for your favorite team. Now the fate of the team is in Your hands. And it only depends on You whether the team you support will become the world champion or will be eliminated in the semifinals. And You can become a virtual football legend or suffer an unfortunate defeat. Don't let me down!

Choose your favorite club and start the game. From the very beginning of the world Cup to the final, You will have to pass all the selections. For your comfort, the game has several modes where you can practice or play for the right to go further. In virtual football, of course, the control of the ball is different: to indicate the trajectory of the ball, you need to draw a curve on the screen with your finger. Therefore, before you take on such a responsibility, it is worth getting good at it and then follow the path of glory.

The game is so realistic that you are sure to plunge into the process with your head. The noise of crowded stands, whistles, excellent graphics and animation, easy to manage - all this will leave only the best impressions.

Only the outcome of the match can affect your mood. But this is already in Your hands. Become a part of a great event. And remember, the most important thing is not participation. Don't let me down!




  • Unity3d


  • C#