New year is a time of miracles. Employees of Sberbank of Russia addressed us with an interesting request: create a greeting app for customers and employees of the Bank on the upcoming holidays. But the service should not only create a festive mood, but also contain a large amount of useful target information.


SberLIfe Play is not just a deep insurance guide with a lot of useful knowledge, it is an app where the customer learns by playing. Yes, it happens. Isn't it a fairy tale: you complete quests, solve various tasks in the game from the app, and get valuable legal information for free? Fairy tale. The most real-new year's!

A cartoon Doctor and a Gnome Consultant volunteered to teach legal literacy and explain complex insurance issues. You should not doubt their professionalism - they are excellent students in the disciplines of "Financial literacy” and "Corporate health insurance".

If energetic games and fun well-read cartoons were not enough to cheer you up, you can admire the charming 3D characters that come to life in a second when you point your phone camera at any branded item of Sberbank.





  • Unity3d


  • C#

Дополненная реальность

  • Vuforia SDK