Photography is a memory. The technologies of the 21st century allow us to capture almost every second of our life, make it possible to revive pleasant moments in memory, pass this memory through the generations. But, it happens that one mistake, a failure of the device can permanently deprive You of such significant and important images for You. Therefore, even now, in the high-tech age, many people like to print their photos.


First of all, this app is simply irreplaceable for those who store their photos not only in the virtual cloud, but also in a family album. It will be appreciated by those who have a portable printer.

The app allows you to select a ready-made photo from the gallery or make a new photo card with it. If desired, you can instantly process the photo directly in the app and then print it using a portable printer. This way, printing photos becomes convenient and fast, and there are no places left empty in the photo album for years .

Cross-platform application



  • Unity3d


  • C#