To develop a light, unobtrusive game that will help you relax, take a break, or just pass the boring minutes of waiting - that's what we had to do when we started this development. And we started it just in the period of all-consuming new year's atmosphere, when the air is saturated with the smell of mandarins and even in everyday life you can feel genuine happiness. We decided to start from this.


During the new year holidays, you want to feel the atmosphere of winter holidays in everything. Mobile games are no exception. In order for avid gamers not to fall out of the atmosphere of magic, we created a fun Christmas game "New year's commotion".

The main game character is Santa Claus. The player's goal is to collect as many gifts as possible without running into obstacles or other players.

Especially great is that you can play together with your friends, creating a cool team.

The game is over when the main character bumps into obstacles in the form of a Christmas tree, snowman, or collides with another Santa Claus.

Cross-platform multi-player application.



  • Unity3d


  • C#