Kids today are born with a smartphone in their hands, and therefore understand them no worse, and perhaps better, than many. In a familiar and interesting environment for them, the comprehension of difficult knowledge should be harmonious and natural, and therefore more successful. The time has come when education requires urgent intervention of nanotechnologies and their rapid introduction into the educational process.

Chemistry is the starting point of many Sciences and inventions. Based on this, we had an important task: to develop an application that will become a new, interesting and entertaining tool in understanding chemistry. The main thing here was that the educational material was presented to students in an exciting, sometimes playful way and aroused in them a passion for studying such a complex, but also interesting subject.




Everyone in childhood invented, dreamed, invented. But often the dreams of great inventions were defeated in an unequal battle with isotopes, electrons, ions, the periodic table, and molecular formulas.

MEL Chemistry VR is a course of chemistry lessons in virtual reality, designed with the school curriculum in mind, where virtual reality turns learning into an exciting game using the immersion method.

Examine the internal structure of the diamond, fly between the molecules, zoom in on any object from the surrounding world - all this You will do in the virtual laboratory MEL VR. You will see the world of chemistry from the inside.

It's time to forget about boring and incomprehensible formulas from the pages of outdated textbooks. MEL VR will not allow you to kill a child's desire to dream and invent. On the contrary, the app will turn learning into an unforgettable adventure. Your child learns by playing. Short 5-minute virtual reality lessons are a great way to understand complex chemical concepts through interactive visualizations. With MEL Chemistry VR, chemistry becomes a favorite subject at home and at school.

The future of chemical education is already here.



  • Unity3d


  • C#

Виртуальная реальность

  • VR Google CardBoards