Task: create an application that will realistically demonstrate all the features of a Mazda car in the virtual world. The game should be designed in such a way that the driver can feel the car as if he is really sitting behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda.


This app is sure to please avid racers, car lovers and fans of the Mazda brand. The game will be able to meet the needs of every gamer enthusiast. To do this, we have developed four different race modes:

Night ride. Free high-speed highway, light illumination of lamps, and you fly at breakneck speed, dispersing the wind. And then " Bang”! There's a barrier in your way, out of nowhere. If you relaxed and pressed the pedal to the floor, just getting high from the speed, the collision will not be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to be on the alert every second.

It's like in real life: the road does not tolerate distraction. Fortunately, the price is not so high in the game.

Long road. This mode is for Hyper attentive drivers with a reaction equivalent to the speed of light. The steep winding track will keep the rider in suspense from the beginning to the end of the round. But this adrenaline is worth it!

City traffic. You get behind the wheel of your horse, drive at full speed through the city, squeezing all the power of the car, and ahead of the traffic jam " orders” you to stop and slowly plod in the gray traffic. Will you follow this order? Only if you are not our player!

Don't let go of the pedal, just expertly slip through small voids in traffic, showing off all your skills!

And now the traffic jam is already behind you, and there is only the road ahead, you and the speed.

4. Paid traffic. If you are a quirky driver from God, then this track is for you. This route is a large flow of cars, finding a " gap” in which-quite a difficult task.

But our user can do everything!




  • Unity3d


  • C#