Parking is one of the stages of passing the exam for the ability to drive a car. As practice shows, most students of driving schools fail this test. We were approached by VascoGames with the idea of developing a 3D game that will become a kind of simulator-assistant in the development of various types of car Parking. And we have fully implemented this idea.


The 3D Police Car Parking player is asked to rein in a police car. After completing a difficult working day, the law enforcement officers return to the police station. And from this moment begins the mission of the game - Parking.

Not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. In 3D Police Car Parking, we have implemented as many as 20 types of Parking. At the same time, any of them can meet the driver when driving around the city in real life. Each of the levels is much more difficult than the previous one and requires a certain skill, skill and experience. The difficulty lies in the fact that at the slightest mistake, the mission has to be repeated until the car takes the perfect Parking position. The task is also considered a failure if the player does not meet the allotted time.

Yes, this game can really tickle your nerves. But the player who has the patience and will pass it from the beginning to the end, can undoubtedly claim the title of the coolest driver and get a well-deserved three stars in the rating.

As in a real car, you can customize the car for yourself, so that you feel as comfortable as possible when performing the task.

We are sure that having worked out Parking skills in the virtual world, in reality the driver will be given the same tasks many times easier, and driving will be safer.



  • Unity3d


  • C#