To develop an application that will allow any user to access the exhibits and expositions that are located in different parts of the world - this is the first task that our team faced when working on the project Bob Viewer APK.


Over the past decade, museums and other cultural institutions around the world have become one of the most interesting testing grounds for implementing IT technologies. First of all, this is due, in our opinion, to the mixing of the interests of today's youth in the direction of virtual reality and the desire of many to interest the younger generation in the study of historical heritage. In addition, this kind of implementation allows a person who is thousands of kilometers away from a Museum that he would very much like to visit, to literally touch the exhibits, examine them from all sides and angles, as if he is looking at the original live.

Our app is a huge Museum that contains 3D models of the most unusual, interesting and popular exhibits. By opening it, the user begins a journey through time and space. On the one hand, sitting in a tiny room of your apartment or a huge mansion, viewing the exhibits through a mobile service, a person virtually finds himself at least in the Louvre, even in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. On the other hand, by studying the exhibits in detail and comprehensively, which allows you to make 3D modeling, the user can literally plunge into the atmosphere of the past.

However, whether it is history, medicine, art or other fields of activity, IT is able to modernize all this, present it in such a way that the study of science will become much more interesting and entertaining, and most importantly, more effective.

No wonder they say: "For the future of IT". And this future has already penetrated even into the past.





  • Unity3d


  • C#

Дополненная реальность

  • Vuforia SDK